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Please note:
The forms on this page are for general use for undergraduate students whose Primary Major is in the College of Science.

The Change of Major/Minor form is for use by any student seeking a secondary major or minor in the College of Science.

Forms that are in PDF format will need to be DOWNLOADED to your computer and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to electronically sign forms. 

E-forms, when available, are linked below.

Graduate students will find their forms on the Graduate School's Student Forms website.

College of Science Forms

Please do not email College of Science Forms. Follow the instructions for the form to submit it to the appropriate area

Students who wish to appeal their academic suspension should use this form.

As noted on page one of this form, if your appeal is based upon physical, psychiatric or disability/learning disability reasons, you will need to first contact the appropriate office (Schiffert Health Center, Cook Counseling Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, or Dean of Students) for an academic relief recommendation.

Required Signature:

You are currently on probation or returning from suspension because your overall GPA has dropped below 2.00. Your academic advisor and Virginia Tech are committed to helping you reach your academic and career goals. This worksheet will assist you in developing a plan for returning to good academic standing.

Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor in your department to review and sign this form.

Required Signatures:
Student and Academic Advisor

Academic Relief

Academic Relief offers students the opportunity of resigning from a course or courses taken in a particular semester without academic penalty. To apply, students must work with either Schiffert Health Center, Cook Counseling, or Services for Students with Disabilities.

Please Note: Applying for Academic Relief does not guarantee it will be granted and could affect Financial Aid, On-campus Housing, and the ability to attend Virginia Tech in future semesters for recovery purposes.

Use the following links to find guidelines and documents requiring your review and completion prior to meeting with the Associate Dean's staff.

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, College of Science students can make an appointment with one of the following:

Susan Haymore, Director of Undergraduate Advising in the College of Science
Sarah Bechtel, Assistant Director for Advising and Academic Initiatives

When making an appointment, you will need to indicate academic relief and what term you are requesting it applied for in the comments.

Upload your documents to the Academic Relief Document Portal.

Your most recent semester GPA was below 2.00. While your overall GPA is still in good academic standing (2.00 or higher), we’re concerned about your most recent performance and want to help you address the challenges you faced to help you succeed.

Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor in your department to review and sign this form.

Required Signatures:
Student and Academic Advisor

Students must complete this application in their Hokie Spa to apply for graduation.

This form should be used if you are planning to take courses at a college or university in the United States of America. Consult the University Registrar’s Transfer Guide to determine how domestic credits will transfer back to Virginia Tech.

If the domestic course is not listed in the transfer guide, you will need to submit a course description or a syllabus for the course with your completed form.

Complete all fields on the form and submit it to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will submit the form to the College of Science Dean's Office for processing.

Transfer credit evaluations can take up to six weeks. Start this process early so that you will know how your credits will transfer prior to taking courses elsewhere.

Required Signatures: 
Student and Academic Advisor

If you are planning to study abroad with an institution outside of the United States of America, you must first meet with the Global Education Office and complete this form.

After you meet with the Global Education Office, you must also meet with your academic advisor.  Before you academic advisor can submit your request to the Dean’s Office you must provide syllabi for all courses (you can also submit a document that contains links to syllabi).  Please note, courses taken during the summer must have the professors name and email address on the syllabus.  Please allow two to three months for processing.

When making an appointment, you will need to indicate in the comments study abroad and what term you are requesting to participate in.

Required Signatures:
Student, Global Education Office, Academic Advisor, and COS Dean's Office

If you are seeking to change your PRIMARY MAJOR, that process is completed in HokieSpa > Change of Major Application (Undergraduate) by the University designated change of major deadlines

View step-by-step instructions

The Request to Change Secondary Major, Minor, or Option Form must be signed by an academic advisor in the department you are requesting a change.

Visit the departmental websites to learn how to submit the form to an academic advisor based on major or minor. The academic advisor will submit the form to the College of Science Dean's Office for processing.

Course Substitution (General Education)

Students can request a course be reviewed to determine if it fulfills a specific General Education requirement.

General Education substitutions are approved by the General Education Office for the following: 

  • Non-equivalent transfer courses (e.g. VT 1xxx or HIST 2xxx) 
  • Equivalent transfer courses 
  • VT courses not approved as Pathways Concept
  • VT courses approved for a different Pathways Concept than desired 
  • Courses taken OR to-be-taken abroad (so pre OR post approval) 

Use this DocuSign form if you would like to withdraw from a course after the last day to web drop deadline. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to using a course withdrawal.

If you have used all three (3) course withdrawals, the Associate Dean cannot approve your request. The withdrawal policy is set by the University.

Once the form has been submitted and processed, students can view this in their Hokie Spa > Classic Student Schedule > select the appropriate semester. The Grade Option will show course withdrawal. Allow 3-5 business days for processing.

The course may continue to show up in Canvas after the course withdrawal has been processed and will remain on the student's schedule in HokieSpa. A grade of “W” for the course will show up on the transcript after the end of the semester. 

Required Signature:

This form is for students whose primary major is in the College of Science seeking to pursue Field Study, Independent Study, or Undergraduate Research.

Field Study (2964/4964): Work/research experiences to supplement traditional classroom activities. The student is evaluated on the knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the experience. Emphasis is placed on the academic and practical value of the work. P/F ONLY (Note: you are only allowed to count 12 P/F credits toward your graduation requirements).

Independent Study (2974/4974): Extensive reading and tutorial sessions with a faculty supervisor on a topic or other scholastic focus. Usually involves a written paper/review/synthesis relevant to the topic (P/F or A/F).

Undergraduate Research (2994/4994): Individual/group research projects carried out by students under faculty supervision. The student and faculty supervisor decide on the project, how the student is to participate in the research, and the graded product. Usually involves active participation in a research domain including data collection, data analysis, literature review, conference presentations, and/or manuscript writing (P/F or A/F).

**Students requesting Undergraduate Research MUST HAVE a minimum overall GPA of 2.50.  

Complete this form which will then be forwarded to your faculty supervisor for approval. The form is then forwarded and approved by your academic advisor and then the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs for the College of Science.

Required Signatures:
Student, Faculty Supervisor, Academic Advisor, Associate Dean

If a student feels that a grade has been calculated incorrectly or has been assigned in a prejudiced or capricious manner, the student should discuss the matter with the instructor.

A grade appeal must be made by the student, and as soon as possible but not later than the end of the student's subsequent term of enrollment after the grade in question has been assigned.

Steps to Take to Appeal a Grade

  1. First, the student attempts to resolve the matter with the instructor. If a student feels that a grade has been calculated incorrectly or has been assigned in a prejudiced or capricious manner, the student should discuss the matter with the instructor.
  2. Second, the student should appeal to the department/division head. If the discussion between the instructor and student does not resolve the issue, the student should appeal to the department/division head/director of the course.
  3. In the unusual circumstance, that a resolution does not occur at the department/divisional level, the student may appeal to the college academic dean (not the dean of the college) of the course who will attempt to reconcile the matter by whatever mechanism seems most appropriate for that college, and for that case.

The Pass/Fail (P/F) grading system is available to encourage students to enrich their academic programs and explore more challenging courses outside their majors, without the pressures and demands of the regular grading system.

This option may only be used for free elective classes.

  1. You cannot change a course to the Pass/Fail grading system if the course is required for your major or the General Education Curriculum
  2. You must have passed at least 30 credit hours and have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  3. No more than two (2) courses may be taken Pass/Fail per term, not including required courses offered on a Pass/Fail basis only
  4. Students are permitted to only take 12 credits Pass/Fail throughout their time at Virginia Tech

Use this Pass/Fail Request Form to change your grade mode by the Last day to change grade option from A-F to P/F. You may email the Pass/Fail Form directly to the Registrar’s Office at

Required Signature:

This form is used for College of Science students requesting to change a final exam for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have three (3) or more final exams within 24 hours
  2. You have two (2) exams at the same time

Exam change requests due to travel, business, or family plan will not be approved.

Students must discuss their exam conflicts with the instructor of the exam they wish to change to propose a new time for the exam.

Required Signature:
Student and Instructor

Upload the document to the COS Dean’s Office Document Portal.

Request permission to late add, late drop, or change the grade mode on a course after the published deadlines.

Extenuating circumstances are required for a request to be considered.

Required Signatures:
Student, Instructor, Academic Advisor, and Associate Dean

If the student acquires the instructors approval and signature on the form, the student will submit the form to their academic advisor for review and approval. If the academic advisor approves the late add, late drop, or late change of grade mode, then the academic advisor will upload the document to the COS Advising Document Portal (Michel Signature Needed folder).

Use this form if you would like to request an "I" (Incomplete) grade. A grade of "I" (Incomplete) may be given when, for a reason satisfactory to the instructor, the requirements of the course have not been completed.

Items that students should consider before requesting an Incomplete grade:
• One or two Incomplete grades in a semester is reasonable; students considering three or more Incomplete grades in a semester should consider resigning for the semester or using a W grade.
• How many credit hours are you registered to complete next semester?
• Will you be able to manage the workload of completing this course and other courses for which you are registered?
• Do you have a solid timeline and plan for completing the missing assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. before the end of the next semester?
• Have you reviewed the timeline and plan with your instructor?

Items that the instructor should consider before agreeing to an Incomplete grade request:
• Has the student been attending class on a regular basis?
• Has the student completed 75% or more of the required coursework?
• Does the student have a viable plan and timeline for completing the remaining work?
• Will you have sufficient time before the established deadline to assist the student, as needed, to complete the coursework?

Required Signatures:
Student, Instructor, and Department Head

Obsolete Credit may be requested if any Virginia Tech student seeks to return to complete their degree after an absence from Virginia Tech for five (5) consecutive years. Obsolete credit will refresh the overall and in-major GPA.

  • Students will need to complete a minimum of 25% of the required hours in-residence at Virginia Tech (30 credit hours for a 120 credit hour degree program) as new coursework.
  • Students will also need to complete the COS Request for Obsolete Credit Form reviewing policies governing obsolete credit at Virginia Tech
  • Courses with a grade of C or higher (including (P) Pass) will be allowed for credit for a degree
  • Courses with a grade of C- or lower, will not be allowed for credit for a degree.

Required Signatures:

Use this form if you would like to take over 19 credits in the fall or spring semesters, over 6 credits in the winter session, or over 18 credits in summer session.

This form must be completed during the Add/Drop period, not during course request. List all of the classes you are taking including the courses that will cause the course overload.

Processing of this form DOES NOT register the student for any courses unless you are adding an independent study or undergraduate research. Students will not be notified if the request for overhours is approved and will need to try registering for the course on their own. If approved, the student will register for the course through Hokie Spa or request a force add through the academic department of the course.

Required Signatures:
Student and Academic Advisor

Students wishing to drop ALL courses and discontinue enrollment at Virginia Tech for various reasons will complete the Student Withdrawal/Resignation Form.

  1. To drop all your courses before the start of the semester/session
    If you are withdrawing from Virginia Tech before classes begin for the semester/session, please complete the Student Withdrawal/Resignation Form and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar.

    Required Signature: 

  2. Dropping all your courses on or after the first day of classes but prior to the deadline to resign without grade penalty

    If you are resigning from Virginia Tech on or after the first day of classes for the semester/session but prior to the deadline to resign without academic penalty, please complete the Student Withdrawal/Resignation Form with the appropriate signatures and submit it to the COS Dean’s Office Document Portal.

    Required Signatures:
    Student and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Additional signatures may be required if:

  • You live in a residence hall
  • You are affiliated with the Corps of Cadets
  • You are an international student

Once all appropriate signatures are on the form, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs will sign and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office on the student's behalf.

Visit the Bursar's Resignations & Reduced Course Load Policy website > Policy Details by Year and Term for more information about how a resignation will affect tuition reimbursement.

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