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In the College of Science, we know the best way to learn how to be a to be a scientist.

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"If technology employers could create the perfect college graduate in a lab, this is the skill set they would choose."

The Future of Science Classrooms — Popular Mechanics

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Virginia Tech is the first in the nation to create a School of Neuroscience.

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Over 50 undergraduates conduct cutting-edge research in the chemistry department each semester.

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Almost half of all Psychology majors double major and still graduate on time.

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The love of discovery, solving the unsolvable, fulfilling a personal mission...Science Hokies share their stories.

Meet Christine

A neuroscience and medicinal chemistry double-major, Christine hopes to pursue a PhD after her positive undergraduate research experience.

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Talk to Kristy, our College of Science Recruiter and fellow Hokie, to learn more.

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