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Why Science

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In today’s world, science isn’t just important. It’s critical.

In the Virginia Tech College of Science, at this very moment, we are working to make people healthier, the planet more sustainable, and our communities stronger.

We’re working to make the region’s drinking water supply cleaner, to bring autism services to rural areas, to understand epilepsy, to develop a drug to alleviate multiple sclerosis. We’re finding solutions to prevent malaria, to remediate problems caused by sea level rise, to better understand the genes that regulate our sleep patterns, to improve the effectiveness of vaccines.

We come at these issues through the well-known scientific disciplines of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics. We come at them by pioneering scientific approaches: Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, Nanoscience, Integrated Science in our Academy of Integrated Science, and through our new School of Neuroscience.

Increasingly, we’re fueling those disciplines with data, focusing them on decisions.

Why Science? The way we do science at Virginia Tech is new and exciting.

For our community, the country, and the world…

Science is essential.