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For Parents

We know that sending your child off to college is a new (and exciting!) frontier that can be challenging to navigate. To empower your child over the next four years, encourage them to reach out to their advisor and review our frequently asked questions

Below are some topics parents frequently have questions about. 

Common Concerns

My son/daughter seems unhappy with their major. How can I support their exploration of new majors?

It's ok for your student to be questioning the fit between themselves and their chosen major.  They are learning, growing, and finding themselves in this new college experience and they might be developing interests they didn't know they had.  Talk to them, ask them what they are considering, let them explore, don't pressure them on a job market. Create a safe space for you and your student to talk openly about their passions.  Above all, let them choose what is best for themselves.

My son/daughter is struggling with their grades and I want to help.  How can I best affect their academic success?

Create the trust you need with your student for them to share their academic experiences with you. Assure them that struggling with grades is common, and there is a lot of growth that can stem from this.

I think my son/daughter needs some personal, targeted academic advising. Should I come to campus and arrange a meeting with their academic advisor?

The best and most effective strategy is for YOU to encourage your student to contact an advising resource.  Students need to both initiate and maintain their advising contacts throughout their time at Virginia Tech. They can make an appointment with their academic advisor and/or one of our professional advisors by using Navigate.

Helpful Websites for Well-Meaning Parents