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Prospective Student FAQ

Do I have to choose a major on my application to VT?

When applying to the College of Science, you have options!

If you know what you want to major in, look for that major during your application process.  If you find it, click it. This ensures that you will work with that department/academy/school at new student orientation.

You can choose the Explore Science program.  Explore Science was designed for the undecided student interested in a science degree, but not sure which major is best for them.  Advisors will work with you through your first year to help you discover the major that best fits your interests and abilities.

Does VT accept AP/Dual Enrollment/IB Credits from high school?

We accept up to 38 credits of AP or IB credit, and we accept up to 60 credits of dual enrollment classes through a community college.  Learn more about transferring credits.

Can I create a plan of courses so that I graduate on time?

Yes! You will need two documents and an academic advisor to get this plan created.  Look for your major checksheet and go to your Pathways Planner on HokieSPA to get started. Your advisor will help you plan your courses semester by semester to keep you on track and organized.

What if I want to re-take a course at Virginia Tech that I receive transfer credit for?

You always have the choice to retake a course that you previously took through dual enrollment, IB, or AP credit.  Please discuss this circumstance with your academic advisor.

What if I want to change my major once I get to VT?

You can change your major twice each academic year (at the end of the fall term and the end of the spring term). We recommend that you check requirements prior to requesting a change of major, preferably with the help of an academic advisor or our Transitional Advising Office.

I want to go to Medical School…what should I major in?

We have an excellent resource in our Health Professions Advising team to offer advice on how to be a competitive applicant for a medical profession. You can also ask your academic advisor if your department has any pre-health profession advising.

Current Students FAQ

I need academic advising!  How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

First, check and see if your primary academic advisor is listed in our Navigate System. If yes, you can make an appointment directly through their calendar. If no, then contact your academic advisor directly.

In addition, you can also make an appointment with a supplemental advisor in the College of Science Dean’s Office through Navigate.  Other appointments are available by calling or emailing Career and Professional Development and Health Professions Advisors.

I want to get involved in undergraduate research but I am not sure how to begin this process. What do I do?

Many of our undergraduate students in College of Science participate in research. You will learn about this process in a variety of ways:

  • Academic advisors can talk to you about opportunities.
  • Professors who teach your courses are also a great way to learn about exciting research experiences
  • Undergraduate Research Mixers are also available in a variety of our departments throughout the academic year
  • You might also want to contact the Office of Undergraduate Research

Study abroad sounds awesome, but I need help choosing the right one, scheduling it within my Pathways Planner, and figuring out the transfer of credits.  Who do I contact to do all of this?

First, meet with the Global Education Office to look at all the programs to find the best fit for you.  Next, make sure you discuss this with your academic advisor in order to plan the timing of this experience. Then, begin and complete the application process.  Keep your eyes open for the Study Abroad Fair.