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Research Extended Appointments

Under certain conditions, faculty members on academic year appointments have the opportunity to extend their base nine-month appointment to a 10-, 11-, or 12-month appointment reflecting the faculty member’s sponsored research responsibilities.

Academic year faculty members who have approved research extended appointments may earn and accrue annual leave proportional to their appointments. Faculty members with one, two, or three months of sponsored funding are strongly urged to convert their nine-month appointment to a 10-, 11-, or 12-month research extended appointment, which entitles them to earn and use annual leave and have the summer pay included as creditable compensation for retirement purposes in accordance with university policies. Unused annual leave will not be compensated at the time of reconversion or separation.

Faculty members requesting a research extended appointment complete the request form available on the provost’s website. Documentation of the additional months of funding must be provided. Requests for research extended appointments require approval of the department head or chair, dean (or appropriate administrator), and provost or vice president for administrative services (or their designees).

Research extended appointments are renewed annually with verification of sponsored funding by the department head or chair to support the continuation. The continuation request form is also available on the provost’s website.

Further information regarding employment policies and practices for special research faculty is available in chapter six of the faculty handbook.


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