September 5, 2020

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of the College of Science,

During their Gobblerfest virtual meeting on September 4, the Black Students in STEM (BSS) student organization was targeted by an appalling and disgusting display of anti-Blackness and violence. An investigation has been launched by the Virginia Tech Police. The College, Dean of Students, and others at the University have reached out to the BSS organization to convey our outrage and to offer support.  

The College of Science reiterates our condemnation of such acts of discrimination, racism, anti-Blackness and violence. We acknowledge the anguish, anger, and anxiety created by this intolerable verbal attack on our students, and the broader brutal reality so many in our community are facing. We reaffirm our commitment to promote environments of equity and inclusion within our college and departments in which everyone feels that they are welcome and they can thrive. This unacceptable incident will not be ignored, and it will add to our determination.


Sally C. Morton
Dean, College of Science