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Faculty Awards

Class of 1950 Mathematics Professorship

The Virginia Tech Class of 1950 Mathematics Professorship was established for the purpose of attracting and retaining eminent scholars to the Virginia Tech Department of Mathematics. 

Serkan with news style cap and gray jacket stands outside with blurred greenery background
Serkan Gugercin

Serkan Gugercin, Department of Mathemat­ics. He focuses his research on real-time application of computational models by ac­celerating the computation of verifiably highly accurate models. His research has attracted more than $5.5 million from such agencies as the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

H.H.H. Faculty Fellowship in Economics

The H.H.H. Faculty Fellowship in Economics was established in the Department of Economics through a gift from Hans H. Haller, who began his career as a professor at Virginia Tech in 1986. 

Gerelt stands outside in front of orange fall leaves
Gerelt Tserenjigmid

Gerelt Tserenjigmid, Department of Economics. He works on behavioral decision theory models, with his research focusing on the different, but intersecting areas of individual decision-making: stochastic choice, choice over multi-attribute alternatives, dynamic choice, and choice under uncertainty.