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Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners Alex Gagliano and Amy Harris honored

Alex Gagliano and Amy Harris have more in common than having majored in the Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA) program headed by Professor Mark Embree.

Alex, who also minored in physics, is fascinated with the intersection between astronomy and the arts, as well as how astronomy education and research differs around the world. Amy already earned her bachelor’s in fine arts from Virginia Tech, and added a second degree in CMDA that will allow her to continue her creative endeavors with a quantitative flair.

They also share a sense of gratitude.

This spring, shortly before graduation, Alex and Amy received Academy of Integrated Science Excellence Awards. These scholarships—made possible by our community of annual fund donors— are just one way your collective generosity enhances the teaching we do, the research we conduct, and the lives of those we serve.

Your gift to the College of Science Annual Fund makes a direct impact on the work of our faculty and the lives of our students. When we all give, we make a tremendous difference, together. Please visit to make your gift today.