Sally C. Morton, Dean


Ron D. Fricker Jr., Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Administration
Randy Heflin, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Robin Panneton, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Victoria Corbin, Assistant Dean for Outreach and Student Engagement
Laura Freeman, Assistant Dean for Research in the National Capital Region
Will Walton, Assistant Dean for Finance


Wade Stokes, Assistant Dean of Advancement
R. Carter Aylor, Assistant Director of Leadership Gifts
Teresa DeCarmen, Assistant Director Design and Digital Strategy
Katie Lafon, Director of Alumni Relations
Steven Mackay, Director of Communications
Jenny Orzolek, Senior Director of Major Gifts for Advancement
Lon Wagner, Senior Director of Communications

College Leaders

Robert Cohen,  Biological Sciences
Eric de Sturler,  Mathematics
Alan Esker,  Chemistry
Roseanne Foti, Psychology
David Higdon, Statistics
Steve Holbrook, Geosciences
Mark Pitt, Physics
Michel Pleimling, Academy of Integrated Science
Sudipta Sarangi, Economics
Harald Sontheimer, School of Neuroscience

Editorial Staff

EDITOR: Steven Mackay

WRITERS: Marya Jones Barlow, Jenny Kincaid Boone, Kendall Daniels, Dave Geurin, Jama Green, Emily Harmon, Corrin Linquist, Steven Mackay, Kristin Rose, Lon Wagner, Travis Williams

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Daniela Doninelli, Fred Faltin, Emily Harmon, Mike Lee, Steven Mackay, Ray Meese, Clayton Metz, Ivan Morozov, Alexys Rivers, Kristin Rose, Lon Wagner, Natalee Waters, Shuhai Xiao



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