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    Dimitrios Nikolopoulos: A way to democratize AI
    Dimitrios Nikolopoulos: A way to democratize AI , redirect

    Doing AI in the small is valuable to many people who do not have the means to use and benefit from Big Tech AI. It might also be safer if people do not have to share their data with Big Tech companies for the sake of building new AI models that benefit only a few. Miniaturizing AI can be about rural communities that do not have good broadband internet access or the latest personal devices.

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    Sudipta Sarangi: A little bit of game theory for decision-making
    Sudipta Sarangi: A little bit of game theory for decision-making , redirect

    Game theory, a branch of applied mathematics, has its origins in parlor games, but is widely used today in many disciplines such as economics and computer science. It is the systematic study of any rule-governed situation, where the outcome depends on the actions of multiple people. Examples range from simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Rock, Paper, Scissors all the way to mega-companies like Coke and Pepsi competing to sell their products.

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    Meryl Mims: Are bullfrogs a sound of summer or sign of trouble?
    Meryl Mims: Are bullfrogs a sound of summer or sign of trouble? , redirect

    Summer in Southwest Virginia is full of sights, scents, and sounds we associate with our home. For example, you will likely hear the familiar, low, repetitive call of the American bullfrog. Unfortunately, the bullfrog songs that are a hallmark of our freshwater habitats in the eastern United States are a sign of trouble elsewhere.

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Seeking knowledge

Join Virginia Tech Science as we explore, advance, and use science to promote healthy living, strong communities, and a sustainable planet.

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Our research is focused on the future, aimed at discoveries that address the world’s most critical problems.

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Serving the community

We believe in advancing science as a service to our community, our state, and the world.

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