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raised for the College of Science on Giving Day 2019

A small gift can make a huge impact.

As our technological capacity increases, the pace of scientific discovery is accelerating and new products and processes are being invented that will change the world in ways we can scarcely imagine. But as these new applications are put into practice, new questions arise. Today's questions are directing the future of scientific endeavor, and today's science is changing the boundaries and the applications of science for tomorrow.

The College of Science has already built a promising foundation for success. We are preparing our students for productive lives, arming them with skills that will serve them in any field, not just laboratory research. Meanwhile, our researchers are opening up innovative fields of knowledge and making breakthroughs that are raising new and important questions. Our focus on interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving is a considerable asset, and our outstanding faculty members, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students have made us a leader in national research.

The College of Science's plans for the future include improvements for the benefit of our students, faculty members, and community. We will strengthen our graduate program by increasing graduate support. We will raise funds for faculty support, enhancing our teaching capacity and expanding our academic departments. We will strengthen our current programs and launch new endeavors. Additional library support will make sure that scientific resources are being acquired, stored, and preserved properly. We will also improve our facilities to match the sophistication of our research.

Science is the vehicle that will deliver the future, providing us with the tools that will allow us to shape our destiny. Discoveries in the college are making a difference to our society. Imagine what the college can achieve, with your help, in all the years to come. We invite you to become a part of inventing the future in the College of Science at Virginia Tech.

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Contact Jenny Orzolek, Senior Director of Major Gifts for Advancement.