Our students, faculty, and staff discover, understand, and apply fundamental scientific principles. Focused on societal impact and scientific significance, we pursue questions beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines and established knowledge to promote healthy people, strong communities, and a sustainable planet.

Discovery is key to science and innovation. It can be found in all of our work: in the classroom, in the lab, and in our students, faculty, and alumni. Our students discover as scientists, trained in our labs and classrooms with hands-on work and research. They leave prepared to reinvent themselves as science and the world evolve, meeting the complex global challenges of today and those of tomorrow. Discovery percolates throughout our College of Science and is strenghtened by our absolute commitment to excellence, diversity of ideas and people, and service. 


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Heflin Square

Randy Heflin

Associate Dean for Research 
Dean's Office

Email: rheflin@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-7289  

Teresa PriceSquare

Amber Robinson

Administrative Assistant
Dean's Office

Email: tfprice@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-7515


Andrew Volker

Grants Coordinator
Dean's Office

Email: avolker@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-8739