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Annie Sauer and Tessa Anwyll

Alumna's gift supports graduate fellowships in Statistics

The Department of Statistics in fall 2018 will officially launch its inaugural Jean D. Gibbons Graduate Fellows in Statistics. Its first recipients are Annie Sauer, who earned a bachelor’s in applied mathematics in May from Auburn University, and Tessa Anwyll, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 2014 and a master’s in mathematical education in 2015, both from Virginia Tech.

Sauer will pursue a master’s degree, with a research focus in the application of statistics to health problems.

Anwyll’s undergraduate research was in mathematics education, in two projects: evaluation of student learning in college linear algebra; and study of pre-service elementary school teacher’s knowledge of fractions.

Jean Dickinson Gibbons, who earned a doctoral degree in statistics from Virginia Tech in 1962, has been a longtime supporter of the Department of Statistics. The de­partment’s graduate program was named in recognition of a generous gift made by Gibbons in 2014. Gibbons’ own career focused on education, with faculty positions at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Alabama.

Jean Gibbons, significant donor to the Department of Statistics

Jean Dickinson Gibbons
Jean Dickinson Gibbons graduated in 1962 with a Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics