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Become a mentor

Want to become a mentor?

Hokie Mentorship Connect is a new online platform that connects Virginia Tech undergraduate students with alumni for career-related support. The program promotes fellowship and networking for career development purposes. Through Hokie Mentorship Connect, alumni and students can form open lines of communication and meaningful long-term relationships.

 There are three ways to participate:

●      Structured Mentorship: A six-month commitment allowing mentors and mentees to build a relationship focused on the completion of specific career goals. The goals are aimed at helping students explore careers and gain professional development opportunities. 

●      Flash Mentorship: Provides opportunities to network, have informal interviews, and pick the brains of industry experts at any time.

●      Discussion Board Groups: Formed career/industry focused discussion boards. Group members can ask questions, view comments, and actively engage with other users based on similar affiliation or career related interests.

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