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gloved hand draws yellow liquid into syringe
Scott Renneckar, associate professor of Sustainable biomaterials

Faculty Awards

College of Science Faculty Fellowship

The College of Science Faculty Fellowship was established in 2019 through support from alumni and friends of the college.

Martha Ann Bell headshot on Torgersen Bridge with dimly lit background
Martha Ann Bell

Martha Ann Bell, Department of Psychology, School of Neuroscience. Her research focuses on developmental cognitive neuroscience where she studies frontal lobe functioning in typically developing infants and children and examines individual differences in brain and behavior.

Xinwei in pink and blue plaid shirt outside with Hokie stone building in background
Xinwei Deng

Xinwei Deng, Department of Statistics. He is a data science researcher working with both design of experiments and machine learning for large-scale analysis, learning, and decision-making processes.

Patricia Caldwell Faculty Fellowship

The Patricia Caldwell Faculty Fellowship was established in 2019 by a donation from its namesake, Patricia Caldwell (’71, mathematics).

Amanda with red shirt and tan jacket stands in lab with students working in the background
Amanda Morris

Amanda Morris, Department of Chemistry. She focuses on mimicking the chemistry of nature’s photosynthetic system — a complex assembly of light harvesting arrays, electron transfer relays, and catalytic centers — that converts sunlight into chemical fuels.

Shuhai portrait in front of Hokie stone background
Shuhai Xiao

Shuhai Xiao, Department of Geosciences. He focuses his research on understanding the complex interaction of biological and environmental evolu­tion. His work has touched on the critical transitions in Earth history using fossils and geochemical data and has appeared in journals and major media outlets around the world.

Roger Moore and Mojdeh Khatam-Moore Faculty Fellowship

The Roger Moore and Mojdeh Khatam-Moore Faculty Fellowship was established in 2019 by a donation from its namesakes, Roger Moore (’64, general science) and his wife, Mojdeh Khatam-Moore. 

Cayelan in blue sleeveless shirt stands in front of tree-lined duck pond on sunny day
Cayelan Carey

Cayelan Carey, Department of Biological Sciences. She studies and forecasts future water quality in numerous lakes and reservoirs, including those in the Roanoke, Virginia, region. Her work directly connects freshwater ecology and data science, using environmental sensors to collect real-time data. 

Patrick stands in quad green space with Hokie stone building in background
Patrick Huber

Patrick Huber, Department of Physics. Since joining Virginia Tech in 2008, Huber has helped to build a world-leading program in neutrino physics, both in basic science and in global and national security.