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    Meryl Mims: Are bullfrogs a sound of summer or sign of trouble?
    Meryl Mims: Are bullfrogs a sound of summer or sign of trouble? , redirect

    Summer in Southwest Virginia is full of sights, scents, and sounds we associate with our home. For example, you will likely hear the familiar, low, repetitive call of the American bullfrog. Unfortunately, the bullfrog songs that are a hallmark of our freshwater habitats in the eastern United States are a sign of trouble elsewhere.

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    Sujith Vijayan: To sleep, perchance to learn
    Sujith Vijayan: To sleep, perchance to learn , redirect

    Most of us probably have been told at some point in our lives to “sleep on it” or to “get a good night’s sleep.” But have you ever wondered, perhaps a little annoyed: Why should I sleep on it? Or why do I need to sleep at all? It turns out that sleep is important for many different reasons — some of which you might never have dreamed of.

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    Kevin Pitts: Research is generating new knowledge
    Kevin Pitts: Research is generating new knowledge , redirect

    The more we know, the better we do. This has been proven true throughout history. As humans have continued to gain knowledge at a remarkable rate, today we enjoy life expectancies and a standard of living that were unimaginable 100 years ago. But exactly how did these advances take place? How have we been able to continue to gain knowledge and develop new technologies and medical interventions?

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Seeking knowledge

Join Virginia Tech Science as we explore, advance, and use science to promote healthy living, strong communities, and a sustainable planet.

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Making discoveries

Our research is focused on the future, aimed at discoveries that address the world’s most critical problems.

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Serving the community

We believe in advancing science as a service to our community, our state, and the world.

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