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Hall of Distinction

The College of Science Hall of Distinction honors alumni and friends who have made a significant contribution to the varied fields of science and established a unique record in their work and life. In addition, the hall honors those who serve as mentors, advisors, and future employers of students, supporters of faculty and students, and help in the development of the university’s science community, as well as the overall mission of the college to educate scientists, doctors, policy makers, and future world leaders.

2023 Members

2020 Members

2019 Member

Melanie Pearson Hurley

Melanie Pearson Hurley

Biology, 1981                        

2017 Members

Henry N. Butler

Economics, 1979, 1982                         

Lay Nam Chang

Founding Dean of the College of Science

Joseph T. Chou 

Economics, 1994, 1996 

A. Blanton Godfrey

Physics, 1963

Mayer Levy

Biology, 1955

Roger H. Moore

General Science, 1970

2016 Members

Roger K. Crouch

Physics, 1968, 1971

James R. Gay

Biology, 1935

Charles L. Harowitz

Chemistry, 1948

Jerry L. Hulick

Political Science, 1973

A. Carole Pratt

Biology, 1972

2015 Members

Robert D. Allen

Chemistry, 1985

John J. Bartko

Statistics, 1961, 1962

Leonard P. Harris

Geological Sciences, 1957

Deborah A. Koller

Biology, 1976

2014 Members

Marni E. Byrum

Political Science, 1976

Joseph M. DeSimone

Chemistry, 1990

Patricia M. Dove

Agronomy, 1980
Geological Sciences, 1984

John P. Grotzinger

Geological Sciences, 1985

T. Marshall Hahn Jr.

President Emeritus of Virginia Tech

Klaus C. Wiemer

Physics, 1969

2013 Members

Mary Nolen Blackwood, (psychology '73) chair of the COS campaign committee and donor

Mary Blackwell.jpg

Mary Nolen Blackwood

Psychology, 1973


Patricia Caldwell

Mathematics, 1971

Jean Gibbons, significant donor to the Department of Statistics

Jean Gibbons.jpg

Jean Gibbons Fielden

Statistics, 1962

David Henderson.jpg

David Henderson

Geophysics, 1973

Photo by Dwight C. Andrews/The University of Texas Medical School at Houston Office of Communications

Theresa Koehler.jpg

Theresa Koehler

Biological Sciences, 1981


William Lewis Jr.

Physics, 1963

20131004-Dr. Lilly-5.jpg

A. Clifton Lilly Jr.

Geological Sciences, 1956
Physics, 1989

Kim Muller, alum, donor and Intellectual Property Law teacher with 'scales of justice'

Kimbley Muller.jpg

Kimbley Muller

 General Science, 1969

G. Robert Quisenberry, National Campaign Steering Committee


G. Robert Quisenberry

Statistics, 1963


Robert Richardson

Physics, 1958, 1960

W Starnes.jpg

William Starnes Jr.

Chemistry, 1955


John Thompson

Mathematics, 1973, 1975