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3 students wear lab googles and manipulate equipment in chemistry lab

Students in the Chemistry program are provided with a broad understanding of a central science and a firm foundation that prepares them to succeed in a variety of fields. Graduates are equipped with valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for careers in research, medicine, and more. The program includes two new innovative majors in Medicinal Chemistry and in Polymer Chemistry.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry; Major in Chemistry

The degree that meets certification by the American Chemical Society through its Committee on Professional Training. The B.S. degree provides the breadth and depth of experience to give graduates a wide choice of career options, and especially suited for further study in chemistry graduate school or a career in the chemical industry. 

B.S. in Chemistry; Major in Medicinal Chemistry


B.S. in Chemistry; Major in Polymer Chemistry


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Chemistry

This degree has fewer required chemistry courses and less laboratory time than the B.S. It provides more flexibility for students to design a chemistry program with more electives to meet a wider set of career goals or to pursue a double major.

Career paths

The Department typically graduates about 50 B.S. and B.A. chemistry majors each year, ranking in the top 50 in total graduates for the 600+ colleges and universities that offer the American Chemical Society accredited degree. Approximately one-half of graduates go to graduate or professional school, including the most elite institutions. Many of our graduates are now successful professors, medical doctors, executives, pharmacists, and research leaders. The other half of our graduates who gain employment directly upon graduation are equally distributed among careers in the chemical industry, government, and careers outside of chemistry (including business and law).

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