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Data visualization class held in the Athenaeum classroom in Newman Library.

3 students analyze data and graphs on a wall display screen

Statistics is the development and application of methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and learn from data. The study of statistics is crucial in understanding the world around us. All scientific fields rely on statistics to turn data into meaningful information.  Good statistical practice relies on comprehensive critical thinking that merges quantitative, mathematical and computer science skills with qualitative forms of thought.



Our curriculum couples math, probability, inference, and computer science courses with statistical application, technical writing, and communication classes. We encourage students to minor in other areas and give academic credit for internships. When students major in Statistics, they receive a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and find employment in industry and at government agencies. Graduates in statistics are well prepared to begin graduate school in applied areas.  Statistics is a fulfilling and rewarding profession.  With a career in statistics – the science of learning from data – you can make a difference, have fun, satisfy your curiosity, and make money.

Things to note:

  • Fortune magazine ranked statistics and biostatistics among the top graduate degrees based on salary, growth and job satisfaction!

career paths

  • Data Science
  • Medicine and Health
  • Sports
  • Ecology and the Environment
  • Business and Finance
  • Politics and Government
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