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Teaching Fellowships & Jobs

Below is a listing of job opportunities, information on entry into substitute teaching, and K-12 teaching fellowships.

    Various Teaching Fellows and Teaching Corps programs have cropped up to serve high-needs schools with a shortage of teachers.  These competitive programs tend to offer alternative routes to licensure and in some cases concurrent Master’s Degrees in Teaching, by immediately placing applicants into schools for employment after paid intensive summer training and/or continuous professional development. Some of these are listed along with the web resources below:


Substitute Teaching                                            

Substitute teaching provides opportunities to directly enter the classroom, get a feel for the teaching profession, and establish connections with school personnel. Some teachers have been able to secure formal teaching positions and recommendations from school districts for provisional license based on their time as a substitute teacher.

In order to become a substitute teacher

  1. You will have to directly apply/contact the specific school district you would like to work in to find out eligibility requirements. You can find most applications online on specific school district websites. There are also substitute staffing companies which will hire and place you in districts (increasingly popular for large urban districts).
  2. Usually, requirements include an undergraduate degree (or pursuing an undergraduate degree), a basic competency exam (administered by the hiring district), references and a background check. Some districts may require a short training to receive a certification for substitute teaching.
  3. Emphasize your experiences working with youth, teaching or tutoring when you fill out the district application!


The following article provides a comprehensive summary of the substitute application process:


Detailed Listings                                                        

Teach for America

TFA is a national program that recruits outstanding recent college graduates from all backgrounds and career interests to commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools. They provide the training and ongoing support necessary to ensure their success as teachers in low-income communities.

American Board for Certification for Teacher Excellence, SC, FL, MI

Fellowship to teach while becoming certified in high-needs school districts in South Carolina, Florida and Mississippi

African American Teaching Fellows 

AATF aims to recruit, support, develop and retain a cadre of African American teachers to serve the schools of Charlottesville and Albemarle County in Virginia. The fellowship provides financial support for teachers obtaining their licensure and are committed to at least one year of teaching in Charlottesville or Albemarle County, Virginia.

Old Dominion University Teacher Immersion Residency

ODU Teacher Residency Immersion is an apprenticeship-based program of study for individuals with a deep commitment to teaching in high-need schools.  This paid Masters of Science program in secondary education will lead to licensure in math, English, social studies, earth science, biology, chemistry or physics and as well as qualification to teach dual enrollment courses.

Citizen Schools

The Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellowship is a service program offering a two-year, leadership development experience, including service as a team leader at a Citizen Schools campus, professional development with a partner organization in the community, and the opportunity for optional enrollment in a pioneering Master's program in out-of-school learning.

 Math for America Teaching Fellowships

Founded in 2004, Math for America (MƒA) is a private nonprofit organization with a mission to improve math education in US public secondary schools. With sites in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego and Washington, DC, MƒA recruits, trains and retains outstanding mathematics teachers. MƒA offers Fellowships for both new and experienced teachers, including the MƒA Fellowship.

The New Teacher Project

TNTP is an extensive network of various teacher fellows programs in high-need areas (particularly urban) across the U.S. Use the site to look up programs based in specific geographic areas.

 DC Teaching Fellows: 

 Memphis Teaching Fellows:

Teach Charlotte: 

California Teaching Corps

CTC recruits college graduates and career-changers who are committed to teaching. CTC members receive alternative certification, rigorous training, and placement into high needs schools.

Inner-City Teaching Corps- Chicago

The Inner-City Teaching Corps  is a training-intensive two-year teaching program that places recent outstanding college graduates as teachers in inner-city Chicago classrooms.

Mississippi Teacher Corps

The Mississippi Teacher Corps selects college graduates to teach in Mississippi and offers training, certification, full pay, benefits, and a master’s degree in education from the University of Mississippi.

Urban Teacher Center

UTC is dedicated to improving student achievement in high-need schools by recruiting recent graduates with teaching potential, providing extensive training and linking certification directly to student performance. Over time, UTC aims to produce graduates who are results-oriented, accountable and take on leadership roles.

District of Columbia Public Schools

DC Public Schools has a variety of teaching, teaching aide, and other school support staff positions available each school year.

Idealist is an online resource with updated job, internship and volunteer opportunities at various government and non-profit organizations.