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Research Clusters

Nanoscale Science

Researchers are devoted to the design of structure at the nanometer scale, fabrication of nanoscale devices, characterization of nanoparticles, and enabling new technologies from energy to health.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases spread via animal, food, bacteria, and other types of human contact, and work towards the development of novel therapeutic approaches to ameliorate the effects of the transmission.

Energy and the Environment

Designing new technologies that enable alternate energy, energy storage, environmental impact, and water purification and availability

Developmental Science

Developmental Science Across the Lifespan facilitates cross-disciplinary research activities in the human developmental sciences.

Computational Science

The interface of computational science and emerging areas of "big data" collection continues to be critical for efficient discovery. This cluster gathers faculty across science to enable data analysis and modeling to make predictions and formulate models to explain complex systems. Interactions at the interface of chemistry and biology have catalyzed discoveries from drug interactions to surface wetting.


To promote knowledge about the brain and nervous system, by supporting integrative research, educational, and outreach efforts to improve human and animal health and functioning.

Visualization and Pattern Recognition - Data Analytics

The Visualization and Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics program trains data scientists in modern analytics and computational modeling. Statistics and mathematics are presented with real world applications.