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The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) is an innovative interdisciplinary research 
community bringing together faculty, scientists and students into teams that identify 
emerging opportunities at the frontier of science.

We are teaching future scientists to consider the long-range environmental, economic, 
and public policy impacts of consequential research.  We are building teams of thought 
leaders and research scientists in a program designed for shared knowledge and 
experience, rational decision making and science-based solutions for real societal issues.


Fellows of the Institute for Advanced Study

Richard Blankenbecler, Professor Emeritus, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Stanford
B.A. 1954, Physics, Miami University; Ph.D. 1958, Physics, Stanford University

Seong Ki Mun, Professor of Physics, Virginia Tech, National Capital Region
Ph.D., Physics, State University of New York, Albany